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A Guide to the Sociological Blogosphere

Browsing sociology blogs is a delicious combination of two of my favorite activities: productive procrastination and sitting. Below I’ve put together a little introduction to the blogs I follow in hopes that you’ll discover some new sites. If you know any others, let us know in the comments so we can give them shoutouts in the right sidebar.

[Edit: Jay from the Montclair Socioblog recommends two additional blogs: Code and Culture, which includes coding fixes/applications for statistical software, and Claude Fischer’s Made in America, a complement and extension of his recent book by the same title.]

One Response

  1. Great list Randy. Thanks for putting this together.

    I would like to add http://www.SociologySource.com a blog focused on providing resources for sociology teachers.

    Among the many free resources is the Soc101 Class Pack which is everything you would need to teach a Intro to Soc class (lectures, activities, assignments, everything) in one convenient FREE download.

    http://www.SociologySource.com is my blog and is independent from any publisher.

    Thanks again for a great list Randy.

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