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(Re)introducing the GSSA

Welcome, everyone–especially new graduate students!

Despite the tumbleweeds that have been rolling through this blog for the past few months, the GSSA is a recognized and active student organization committed to encouraging a social and academic community among students in GMU’s sociology graduate programs.

We hope you’ll take a minute to (re)acquaint yourself with our website, which has a lot of useful information. If you’d like to learn more about the organization, check out our About page, our Members page, and a list of past events we’ve sponsored. And most importantly, like us on Facebook so you can hear about great things going on around campus or in the DC area without the hassle of checking our blog regularly or the risk of missing out on something!

There are also some great resources that we feature on this site, such as:

  • A regularly updated calendar that includes GMU academic deadlines, departmental events, other events around GMU of interest to sociologists (e.g., Women & Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, etc.), sociological events of note in the DC metro area, submission deadlines and conferences (local and major regional/national) to which you might submit your work, and GSSA events. We’ll be posting regularly about upcoming events (especially those sponsored by GSSA) on our blog and on Facebook.
  • comprehensive list of over two hundred sociology and social science journals to which you might submit your work, complete with h-indexes measuring reach/prestige.
  • The most recent issue of our newsletterIn the Field, published in the spring. (A new issue will be published this fall.)
  • A list of several dozen sociology blogs located in the right sidebar.

As you can see from our calendar, we already have several social events planned for the upcoming semester, in addition to the Second Annual Public Sociology Graduate Conference in October, which the GSSA is co-hosting with the Public Sociology Association. We’ll be meeting soon to talk about ways to round out this slew of interesting fall events with a few more social or professional development events.

We consider all grad students to be members of the GSSA, so we want to organize events that are helpful and engaging for you. Please e-mail us if you have any ideas for how we can be a better organization, or if you want to help us to plan and organize these events. (We can always use it–we’re all busy!) We hope you’ll find a little time to give back to the department and the student community, as well as to benefit from the events and resources that we offer!

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