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ASA 2012 Preview

Check out this detailed preview of the 2012 ASA annual meeting, addressing the “Real Utopias: Emancipatory Projects, Institutional Designs, Possible Futures” theme and program, which was obtained recently by Jason Smith.

From the preview:
The 2012 ASA annual meeting will explore a wide range of substantive problems connected to these kinds of empirical and theoretical real utopia agendas. A number of different kinds of sessions are being planned around this theme:

1. There will be three plenary sessions, during which nothing else is officially scheduled at the conference.

2. Twenty thematic panels are organized around specific proposals for real utopian institutional designs, with one primary speaker and one commentator. The descriptions for each of these twenty real utopia proposal sessions can be found at the end of this document.

3. Fifty thematic panels are organized around broad topics with 3-4 presentations. Many of these sessions were proposed by ASA members.

4. A special presidential panel to explore that broad problem of progressive social change in the 21st century.

Below is a brief sketch of each of these elements of the program…

Download the pdf file here. For more about the meeting, visit the ASA’s info page here.

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