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This Week: 11/28

There are a few more engaging events upcoming this semester as everyone starts to disappear into their final papers. Best of luck to everyone!

Click here for the full calendar.

November 29: Grad student teaching workshop led by Nancy Hanrahan (GMU), Robinson B 313 (SOAN Conference Room), 1:30 PM.

November 30: SOAN student-faculty discussion of Loic Wacquant’s study of “actually existing neoliberalism,” SUB I, Room 3B, 10:30-12:00 PM.

December 1: Submission deadline, “Renewing Sociology: Living Traditions and Creative Beginnings,” North Central Sociological Association, Pittsburgh, PA (April 12-15, 2012).

December 5: Arab Uprisings Brown Bag Lecture Series, “Saudi Arabia’s Counterrevolutions: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives,” featuring Rosie Bsheer (Columbia), Research 161, 12:00-1:00 PM.

December 10: Last day of classes

December 13-20: Exam  period

January 11: Submission deadline, “Real Utopias: Emancipatory Projects, Institutional Designs, Possible Futures,” American Sociological Association, Denver, CO (August 17-20, 2012).

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