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This page is devoted to providing students, scholars, activists, and proponents of Public Sociology with avenues to realize their passions for working with and for people in our community, as well other worldwide.   This privilege is a crucial component of Public Sociology. Public Sociology endeavors extend from the local to the global. After all, social ills are everywhere.

By getting involved with efforts such as those featured below, we are able to apply the knowledge we gain in the classroom and from research endeavors to real-world causes. Being able to contribute to the improvement of others’ lives, to community growth, to social justice, and to overall social health are some of the many benefits of being a public sociologist!

Get Involved!

Check out the following links for public involvement opportunities.

Tenants and Workers United, Alexandria, VA

October 2, 2010 - Cora Kelly Recreation Center - Free health screenings, tests and much much more.

Virginia New Majority


United Way Worldwide

Literacy Council of Northern Virginia

Feeding America

Amnesty International

Human Rights Campaign

People For the American Way

Break the Chain Campaign

Washington Peace Center



See full size image

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but perhaps a place to start. For other ideas, visit

Public Sociology at George Mason

Home | Blog | Get Involved | Links | Projects | Visions


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