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Abigail Reiter

Abby earned her Bachelor’s  in Psychology from the University of Virginia in 2002. Before returning to academia, she taught at a private institution for children with autism and worked on several sociology-related research projects.

As a Master’s student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, she worked as a research assistant, co-authored a publication on inheritance, assisted in the second edition of a book on structural impediments to success in the US, and taught underprivileged children reading skills in an after school program. In her Master’s thesis, she examined inequality in the US public education system, specifically teacher bias related to race, class, and cultural differences, that could potentially lead to differential educational treatment and opportunities for minority and disadvantaged children.

She earned her MA in Public Sociology in 2009, and is now working towards her doctoral degree at GMU, furthering her studies and research on inequalities related to race and class, and disparities in access to societal resources. She currently works as a research assistant at GMU’s Center for Social Science Research, is working with a nearby agency to evaluate school practices intended to reduce race and class achievement and occupational preparation disparities, and is collaborating with on research on effective diversity training in schools of education.

For her dissertation, she plans to analyze multicultural teacher education (MTE) courses nationwide for their content and effectiveness to explore potential for ways to enhance true multiculturalism in the classroom. A main goal here is to promote social justice through equitable and socially-responsible teaching methods and curriculum to affect social justice nationally and globally.


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