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Recurring Events

There are two recurring events that will be occurring on Thursdays throughout the remainder of the fall semester: a brownbag series at the Center for Social Science Research presenting research from ongoing studies at GMU, and a teaching workshop for grad students currently or interested in teaching.

The CSSR’s brownbag series will occur weekly at the CSSR on Thursdays at 12:00-1:15. Faculty and students alike will be presenting the preliminary results of their ongoing projects with the aim of fostering collegial discussions that provides learning opportunities for the presenters as well as the audience.

The teaching workshops will occur every other week in the SOAN conference room (Robinson B 313) on Thursdays at 1:30. The workshops will be led by sociology professor Nancy Hanrahan and will focus on various topics related to teaching sociology.

Both events begin tomorrow–the CSSR brown bag will feature research conducted by Ph.D. student Jean Boucher, while the teaching workshop focus on preparing instruction for a class. Be sure to stop by both events tomorrow and plan to hear more about exciting research and teaching events on Thursdays for the rest of the semester!


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