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Event: Tuesday 2/8

[Edit: The teaching videoconference will be held in the conference room at the Center for Social Science Research, 4260 Chain Bridge Rd., 2nd floor]

Welcome back, everyone!

We’ve made some improvements to our site over the break, including a comprehensive list of links to over 200 journals, complete with h-indexes (see the right sidebar or the “Development” tab) and a new “Activities” tab with descriptions, handouts, and multimedia from past events (which, when it is completed, will include video from our public sociology panel in November).

And, like last semester, we’ll be sponsoring several events for your edification and enjoyment. Our first one will be in two weeks and feature an amazing teacher talking about teaching. Especially recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about integrating technology into the classroom and/or managing large classes of up to 200 students.

Robert Keel, Teaching Professor in Anthropology, Sociology, and Languages at UM-St. Louis, has been teaching sociology for 34 years, and has been integrating Web and Internet-based instruction into his classes since 1993. He received the College of Arts and Sciences’ Outstanding Lecturer of the Year Award for 1997-98, the Chancellor’s Award for Academic Excellence – Academic Non-Regular for 1998-99, and the College of Arts and Sciences’ Non-Tenure Track Faculty of the Year Award in 2007-08. He teaches undergraduate classes in Introduction to Sociology, Drugs, Alcohol, and Society, Sociological Theory, Deviant Behavior, and Society and Technology.


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