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Welcome to the website of the George Mason University Graduate Student Sociological Association.

The GSSA is committed to encouraging a social and academic community among students in GMU’s sociology graduate programs. Interests and activities include:

  • Organizing events ranging from informal social gatherings to brown bag lunches and seminars.
  • Encouraging professional development through engagement with GMU faculty, D.C.-area scholars, and professional organizations.
  • Facilitating the formation of student groups with diverse goals, from preparing for comps to playing intramural soccer.
  • Engaging the promise of public sociology through discussion, our academic work, and projects in our communities.
  • Reaching beyond artificial disciplinary barriers to spread sociology outside the classroom and incorporate other humanities and social sciences into our social inquiries.

In addition, this website will include:

  • A regularly updated blog featuring GSSA updates, links to interesting sociological content, and original musings from members
  • A regularly updated list of events of interest to GMU sociology grad students
  • Individual pages for all members

Please subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook, and don’t hesitate to e-mail us or leave a comment below if you have any questions or want to help us build a student community outside of the classroom.


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